Switched hosts again, this time to DigitalOcean

Well, I’ve got my site moved over to DigitalOcean now, so let’s hope this is where it stays here for at least a year. So for DigitalOcean has been pretty amazing; the control panel is simple, well designed and easy to use, the plans are affordable, and best of all I get to manage the server by myself and run whatever cutting edge software I want to. I also made all of my domains point to xeonproductions.com now, the reason for this change was because having multiple domains pointing to the same website and content hurts your page ranking, so I’ve centralized everything.

As for projects, I’ve been working on AcmlmBoard 2 experimental branch when I’ve had time, not really sure when that will make it to a release stage. I’ve been messing around with the Twig template engine, Symphony, Composer, and some of the other cutting edge PHP technologies, so those should improve my projects somewhat.

That’s about it for now, I might add some new content this week since I’m off.