Small update

I’ve decided to ditch shared hosting and move to a VPS; this will allow me to have much more control over what software my server is running. I’m hoping this won’t turn out to be a major mistake since I’ve been hacked in the past when I tried managing my own server, however that may have been due to certain legacy scripts and improper file permissions. Either way, I have since learned more about file permissions and sandboxing, so I’m hoping that will make things more resilient. My new host also has “unlimited” bandwidth, so I may try out some new ideas that I couldn’t before because of bandwidth concerns.

Finally updated the layout

I think I’ve been using the same WordPress layout since about 2012, so I figured it’s time for a change. Only reason I held off on picking a new one is because I didn’t see anything I liked and really didn’t think I could come up with anything better on my own. I’ll probably have to modify this one further to meet my tastes, but overall I like this new theme.

I’ve been busy with work, so I almost never have any time or motivation to update this site, however today I had the urge to do some kind of update. I’m going to try to add some new content, but if it never materializes don’t be too surprised. I have been working on a project which I’ll be hosting on GitHub, however it’s still in early development and I don’t want to commit anything until I have a working prototype done.  I’m basically working on a modern reincarnation of AcmlmBoard.  I might move some other source code out of the crypt and onto GitHub.

Anyway, just letting everyone know this site is still partially alive.

I’m working on a few projects right now

One of them is a simple file hashing program in C#, and the other is a high-performance instant messaging server based on SocketAsyncEventArgs. I also want to get some small web-based applications up like I used to have on my older sites. I’ll also be uploading some of my older code that is still relevant. Hopefully I can get something done here this week.

Site relaunch

I’ve decided to re-launch my site. I’m not really sure what I’m going to put on it, but I’d like to release some new things rather than putting the same old 4~ year old source code and downloads on it. I haven’t had the motivation to work on this site in years, but I think I’m starting to find my creative spark again. I might work on some new plugins for the Minecraft server Bukkit. I also wanted to create my own forum/social network script and see what new ideas I could put forth on it since the conventional forum scripts out there seem antiquated. I was also going to try to post tech/gaming news on my site and possibly reviews on new products if I try them, but since i’m operating on a shoestring budget I probably won’t be reviewing too many new products/games. So with that, I hope to get something up by the end of the week as a small personal goal to myself.