I’m still alive!

I am still alive, and I’ve made a slight update to the About page. I plan to start working on more modern technical projects in the near future. Most of my more recent developments will be posted to GitHub before they get posted on this website.

I recently got a new job at a consulting company writing .NET code full-time, so my creative spark is starting to return.

Attempting to write more code

So I’ve decided to set an ambitious goal of writing some kind of code or documentation every single day and committing it to GitHub. The idea behind this goal is to accelerate and expand my knowledge, as well as avoid the stagnation that can happen the longer you work somewhere. If I’m unable to make at least 1 daily commit to a project, I’d like to meet a weekly goal of at least 7 commits.

In other news, I updated WordPress without first backing up my database; because I like to live dangerously.

I fixed the contact form

I finally got around to fixing the contact form that’s been broken for about a year. When I moved hosts I never got around to setting up a mail server so that my server could send outgoing emails. I finally got Postfix installed and configured, however while attempting to get email to work on the server I realized that PHP was horribly misconfigured, and that I was using an obsolete version of Ubuntu that had reached its end-of-life phase. So, after doing a dist upgrade and reinstalling PHP7, I’m back up and running; hopefully nothing is horribly broken now.